Hawkeye – In Memoriam

Having devoted 11 years of his life to acting as Bridgemont’s Morale Officer, Hawkeye was one-of-a-kind. Always ready with a energetic wagging tail and big happy grin he lifted everyone’s spirits just by how he greeted you. He would curl up in the office and be a constant calming presence. But beware the staff member who left their lunch unguarded. He was more stealthy than Bond and, in a flash, he would wolf down your Greek salad (but leave the olives behind….who likes olives anyway?). He could lick the pepperoni off your pizza in a nano-second. He would do pretty much anything for treats and he had us wrapped around his dew claw for sure. He may be gone but he is never forgotten.

Words he loved to hear: "I'm full after just one bite! Hawkeye, you finish my food."