As an award-winning firm (Best of Houzz 2018 & 2019, DDA Design Award), Bridgemont Properties is committed to renovating and building homes of the utmost quality. We are a motivated team of professionals that are dedicated to turning your dream home into reality.

Bridgemont takes pride in being a company that custom builds/renovates homes that fit clients’ personal lifestyles. Utilizing our 3 divisions - schematics, contracting and interior design studio - we offer one-stop full-service work. We handle all, or just some of, the phases of the design/build process – whatever you need.

In addition to working with clients, Bridgemont Properties also builds their own custom homes for the purpose of re-sale.

The principal owners of Bridgemont, Rocco Morra (builder) and Marion da Ponte (interior design), bring a cumulative experience of over 50 years to each project. Their experience, along with that of their qualified staff and trades, ensures that each project is executed seamlessly and with outstanding results.

We are very passionate about our projects and we work on every home as if it were our own.

You are invited to peruse our website, view our portfolio and get to know us better. 

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2019 Service Award

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The Team


Rocco Morra
Principal Partner, Contractor
Rocco is one of the principal partners of Bridgemont Properties and a master contractor with over 35 years of construction/renovation experience. He brings his immense knowledge of carpentry, building codes, and trades’ expertise to each project. His top priorities are to manage all trades and ensure that quality workmanship is executed every step of the way. His other priority is to ensure his golf ball stays out of the rough in his regular Sunday morning golf game.

Favourite Phrase: "No problem!"

Marion da Ponte
Principal Partner, Designer
Marion is one of the principal partners in Bridgemont. As an award-winning designer, she has a keen eye for details and form and is committed to creating beautiful spaces. Her expertise as an accredited R.I.D.D. enables her to choose materials, finishes, and furnishings that produce that “wow!” factor that clients desire. Her priority is to listen to clients and design a space that reflects them; but she is also duty-bound to ensure that your favourite neon-pink, swear-it-looks-real, alligator-shaped coffee table, not actually remain your coffee table.

Favourite Phrase: "Okay. We can figure this out!"

Daciano da Ponte
Logistics and Development Director
Daciano is Bridgemont's Logistics + Development Director. With his business background, his work comes naturally to him, whether it be in aiding the overall flow of projects or developing properties for Bridgemont. His excellent interpersonal skills, keen business acumen, and hard-work ethic serve him well in his role. We are sure his high energy levels have something to do with the seemingly never-ending train of espressos he consumes daily.

Favourite phrase: "An espresso, please."

Melea Bertagnolli
Project and Schematics Facilitator
Melea is Bridgemont's Project + Schematics Facilitator. Her penchant for organization, detail, promptness, and structure ensures things keep running smoothly. Her priorities are to aid in project execution, making things easier for all of us. She is also masterful at design schematics and easily translates the vision of a project into 2D and 3D layouts, enabling clients to "see" their future home. Her can-do attitude, creativeness and quick-thinking are great assets! When she is not “facilitating”, she can often be found in the climbing gym or with a pair of knitting needles knitting another fabulous new creation.

Favourite Phrase: “I’m on it!"

Christine Czestochowski
Christine is Bridgemont's Controller and thus handles all responsibilities to do with accounting and financing. From managing cost budgets and revenue flow to invoicing clients and paying trades, her extreme efficiency and expertise ensure the dollars all make sense. When we say "the buck stops here"...it actually does. When Christine isn't balancing budgets, she loves to travel to wonderful places and we live vicariously through her.

Favourite Phrase: "I can do that!"

Pamela Cambuy
Social Media Coordinator
Pamela is the Social Media Coordinator for Bridgemont. She is the talent behind Bridgemont’s online presence, including Instagram, Facebook, Houzz, Pinterest, and YouTube. Her expertise and knowledge of all things social media make her a great asset to the Bridgemont team. When she is not beautifying our Instagram feed and imploring us to shoot videos, Pamela is an outstanding diplomat for her heritage. She ensures those around her are introduced to all things Brazilian, especially food. Yum!

Favourite phrase: "Try this (insert food item here)...it's Brazilian!"

Tony Volpe
Tony is an expert in his carpentry skills and beyond. He is a master carpenter who has over 35 years of expertise. This experience enables him to be well-versed in an array of other building-related skills from concrete pouring to drywall repair to fine carpentry. His multi-talented skill set is a huge asset on the job site (and at home!). On weekends, he can be found working on his personal residence - or, as we like to call it, “the Volpe Compound”.

Favourite phrase: “Sure, I can build that.”

Phillip Morra
Phillip (yes, Rocco's son), is also a member of the Bridgemont team. He is a skilled carpenter and is well-rounded as well, possessing the talents of a specialized "generalist" in various areas of construction. His positive attitude, outgoing nature, and work ethic serve him well and make the job site a great place to be. When he is not working, you might find him on the soccer field, playing to his heart’s content.

Favourite phrase: “Okay, I’ll do it”

Xavier da Ponte
Xavier (yes, Marion and Daciano's son), is a part-time member of the Bridgemont team and has future plans to be a carpenter. In the summers, he works on the job sites, involved in demolition, pouring concrete, job maintenance, and anything and everything in-between. His sense of humour and great attitude are assets on the job site. When he is not working for Bridgemont, Xavier can be found working in the Okanagan in BC and developing his skiing, hiking, and bouldering skills on weekends.

Favourite Phrase: "Whatever you say, Mom...." (sorry, Xavier, I couldn't resist)

The Trades
Various Trades
In addition to our in-house team, Bridgemont has access to many trades to help complete its projects. We use the same trades regularly and repeatedly to ensure our high-quality standards are met. Whether we have our demo crew, painters, tile-setters, concrete workers, floor trades, plumbers, HVAC trades, additional carpenters on site, or any other trades, rest assured professionalism and workmanship are paramount. It is this group, with their excellent skills, along with Rocco's guidance, Marion's management, and the rest of the Bridgemont's in-house team, that make your dreams become reality.
Morale Officer
Hawkeye is a constant presence at Bridgemont, making sure everyone has their daily fix of unconditional, tail-wagging affection. From greeting people at the door to visiting each of us in our offices, he is our Ambassador of Happiness. The fact that he has an ample supply of treats fed to him regularly in no way influences his devotion to each of us.

Favourite Phrase (if he could talk): "Are you eating that all by yourself?"

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