Why Us ?

Let’s face it, there are many contracting companies out there and the competition is fierce. Why should clients work with us? What can we offer that other companies cannot? We are an award-winning firm that has recently received a Best of Houzz 2018 award for customer service and a DDA 2018 Award for interior spaces. We work hard to ensure that at Bridgemont Properties you will find: 

2019 Service Award

Fair Pricing

We work hard to ensure that our pricing is reasonable. When clients compare apples to apples, we are often the most efficient price for the quality given.


Top-notch quality

Top quality is the cornerstone of our business. Clients are hard-pressed to find another company that gives them un-surpassed quality which is our standard. We don’t  know how to do anything less than the best. And, all this at a fair price.


Budget Adherence

We stay within clients’ budgets and the price we originally quote is the final price paid. Clients only pay extra if they ask for extra work to be completed. 


Adherence to Timelines

We endeavour to finish a project by the date we have given at the outset. Our scheduling keep everyone on track and are excellent indicators of the progress of a project. 


Contracting WITH Interior Design Included

Working with Rocco and Marion offers a 2-for-the-price-of-1 arrangement. We do not charge extra for normal interior design work – saving clients what can amount to thousands of dollars. Should clients wish more in-depth interior design services, a reasonable package-rate is offered.


Informed Clients

In addition to meetings with clients, we send weekly status e/mails so clients know what to expect for the week ahead. Our Decision Schedules also enable clients to be aware of what decisions need to be made and by when.



Efficiency on the job site begins in the office. We have a full-time project coordinator who makes sure all the paperwork is at the right place at the right time. From contracts, to payment schedules to change orders and more, the administrative component is one of the keys to project success.


Full Service –
or Just What You Need

We are flexible in providing all the services of a project or, only what is needed. We also have access to surveyors, architects, and urban planners or we will gladly work with our clients’ contacts. From demolition to building to material/furniture selections (and everything in-between) – we can do it all – it is for each client to decide.


Committed People

Rocco: a builder who excels in structure, framing, and mechanicals and builds each home as if it were his own Marion: an interior designer who loves what she does and makes it so easy for clients to make their decisions.



Rocco and Marion have over 50 years cumulative experience – we know what we are doing. All of our trades are experienced craftspeople as well. On homes where we have done additions, clients cannot tell the difference between the old and the new – our renovations are seamless. 


Superior Carpentry Skills

Our carpenters are continually lauded by city building inspectors who comment on the excellence, neatness and precision of our carpenters. Excellent carpentry means walls and floors are true and level and thus the drywall, flooring, trim will all look better because of the solid framework.


Open Communication

Overall, during the course of a project, ideas are encouraged, creativity prospers and problem-solving is just another brainstorming session. We give our honest feedback, taking into account our clients’ needs and our expertise.

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